• Warm Transfers

    Warm Transfers

    We offer the highest transfer rates in the industry by contacting your pay-per-leads with rapid speed and then maintaining a followup schedule of up to 12 times for those we can’t reach on the first attempt. Our friendly, passionate call center representatives aren’t your typical agents—they are familiar with the home services industry and represent your business with the utmost professionalism.

  • Appointment Setting

    Appointment Setting

    The clients who have loved our warm transfer solution pleaded with us to expand our call center offerings. We listened and created an appointment setting solution that is meeting the demands of today’s busy contractors. Using our proprietary, cloud calendar solution, we are able to set appointments for individual sales representatives and share calendars using a system that is easy, convenient, mobile-friendly and effective.

  • Sales-Ready Consumers

    Sales-Ready Consumers

    We transform interested prospects into motivated consumers for your home improvement and home service offerings. For more than 25 years, our team of marketing experts have helped B2C companies of all sizes achieve their sales and marketing objectives through solid teamwork, partnership and creativity.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Relationship Management

    Expensive, complicated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can eat up your profits. Imagine a value-priced solution that doesn’t require individual licenses, is mobile friendly, and can easily manage your customers and sales appointment. LightFire offers an affordable solution that allows contractors access to their affiliate leads in real time, the ability to upload offline inquiries, and schedule personally developed sales appointments. This system reduces the expense many small and medium size contractors have in managing their leads using other enterprise level systems.

  • Lead Nurturing

    Lead Nurturing

    Following up on old inquiries or working with former customers is a critical but underutilized process for many contractors across the country. LightFire Partners offers pay-per-lead campaigns that produce results and eliminate the added work of follow up. Customized campaigns can boost sales and reach customers that are otherwise non responsive to phone calls or offline marketing efforts. We provide nurturing solutions through a variety of channels that include email, traditional direct mail, social media,and outbound phone campaigns
    and surveys.

  • Sweepstakes And Promotions

    Sweepstakes And Promotions

    LightFire Partners has teamed up with the nation’s top promotion and sweepstakes marketing company, SCA, to offer affordable, eye-catching, and cutting edge digital promotions that generate more customers by offering them a chance to win cash, prizes and free products or services. Small and medium-size contractors can now benefit from sweepstakes that are similarly utilized by Fortune 500 companies. Payouts are the risk of LightFire Partners/SCA, and not the contractor who pays a flat rate for the campaign based on length and odds of winning. Each contest is designed around the contractor’s offerings and is customized to their own advertising and marketing strategies.

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